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Baron George von Helldog

He was 3 months old. Too big for the cage at the pet store. At closing time every night, the employees would let him out to run rampant down the aisles... where the only time he stopped was to point at the bird cages (after all, that’s what German Shorthaired Pointers DO).


One fateful afternoon, he ran straight into my arms, and for the next 11 years, he never stopped running.

That was my Georgie—full of groove, mischief, determination, and joy for life. May he always run, run, run in my heart. 

Over the years, many have come and gone and left their imprints on our hearts—Ralph, Reilly, George, Buck, Patrick, Duchess, Holly, and Emma...

These days we share our home with a little black greyhound named Jasmine Joy... who we're pretty sure would have been Georgie's best friend.

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